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She Left Wall Street to Build Her Own Cannabis Empire
Beth Stavola discovered her real passion is helping patients and creating great cannabis jobs, not shuffling equities on W...
To See More Women in Leadership Roles, Here's What Needs to Happen
Whether or not they're going all the way to space, there's a lot of science behind getting women to the top.
Meet the Working Mothers of Cannabis
In honor of Mother's Day, Green Entrepreneur takes a look at some of the working mothers building the cannabis industry.
Women Cannabis Entrepreneurs Unite: We Are Better Together
The cannabis industry is not especially open to female leaders, but it likes to think it is.
She Is the Cannabis Industry's Voice of Reason
Amanda Reiman wants cannabis to be more than a big new market for the same old powers-that-be.
How the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team Has Maintained Its Dominance
The new book "Powerhouse" provides insights on the secrets to build a winning team.
Artificial Intelligence Confronts a 'Reproducibility' Crisis
Machine-learning systems are black boxes even to the researchers that build them. That makes it hard for others to assess ...
Google Says a Change in Its Algorithm Will Highlight ‘Original Reporting’
As tech companies try to make amends with publishers, Google changes its search engine to address an old complaint.
Google Settles With U.S. Over Workers’ Complaints It Stifled Dissent
As part of its settlement with the National Labor Relations Board, the search giant will remind workers of their rights to...